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Win a Tesla +10,000 trees for runners-up

With thanks to Octopus Energy

Just find the 14-letter code beginning with ‘P’ on one of our special packs and pop it in below with your details.

  • *If you have a Yeokens account, use the same email to make sure you collect your Yeokens

  • *If you have a Yeokens account, use the same email to make sure you collect your Yeokens

The niftiest electric car ever?

You could soon be zooming around in a Tesla Model 3 – a seriously cool electric car with zero CO2 emissions. Not only is it as green as green can be, but it has some useful tech onboard too – like keyless entry, parking sensors and sat nav. Very handy.

Plus, it’s kitted out with all sorts of safety features such as automatic braking, blind spot monitoring and a lane departure warning system. And if that all sounds a bit too sensible, don’t be fooled. With its sleek design and sports car performance, this might just be the coolest electric car ever.

Young trees for runners-up

Trees are fabulous things: they clean our air, filter our water, preserve our soil and support wildlife. The thing is, we need more of them. Which is why we have up to 10,000 young trees to give away to our lucky runners-up. Either plant it yourself, or Octopus Energy can plant it on your behalf. The choice is yours.

Join the renewable revolution

Our good pals over at Octopus Energy supply all the electricity to our HQ here in Somerset. Their whole mission is to make the move over to 100% green electricity as easy as it can possibly be – and we think they’re doing an excellent job. Their billing is simple, their customer service is great and their prices are super fair. As long-time users of renewable energy, we’re big fans.

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The lucky packs

You’ll find special codes on any Yeo Valley pack with our “Win a Tesla” design. And each time you enter we’ll give you Yeokens, so it’s great way to build up your balance.

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