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Win a Tesla +10,000 trees for runners-up

With thanks to Octopus Energy

Energy fit forthe future

Our friends at Octopus Energy have one simple aim: to make the eco-friendly choice the easy choice. Most homes can switch to 100% renewable electricity with Octopus ​and​ save on their bills.

What’s more, our friends at Octopus Energy are offering to add £50 to your account when you switch to greener energy with them. Most homes could save by switching to renewable electricity from Octopus, not just on monthly bills but on carbon emissions, too. A typical Octopus home will reduce their carbon footprint by the equivalent of 248 trees – ​every year​​.

You can even carbon offset the gas you use and reduce your environmental impact even more. But it’s not just about today’s energy needs. Octopus Energy are building technology to help shape the industry's future, from the big ideas to the small.

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To win our big prize, or one of the 10,000 young trees we’re giving away, enter the lucky codes from our special packs.

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